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cover 3The 1982 summer season at Butlins Ayr was over. For Terry McFadden, life couldn't be any better. Those few months did not just change him as a person - they also changed his life.

He had just finished working in his dream job as a Butlins Redcoat, where he closed the door on his childhood life, received a major boost to his confidence, and found the love of his life, kitchen assistant Angie Bierman.

Now they were back in the "real world", living on either side of the country. How would their relationship survive during the off season?

A return to Butlins was not guaranteed. But if the invitation came, would they want to go back for the 1983 season? Would Angie get to fulfil her own dream and join him as a Redcoat? 

Their lives changed during their first season; if they did return to Ayr, would their lives change again? 

Blending romantic fiction with historical fact, Don't Mention "Hi-De-Hi"! is the second instalment of the Butlins Ayr Trilogy and the follow-up to What Time Does Midnight Cabaret Start, written by former Redcoat Frank McGroarty..